Ninja Catz has Begun

Here comes a new comic or can be called as manga maybe. A story which a cat trying to open a door with lot of struggle. But never done. This comic tell us that cat climbing in the anti mosquito door and want go inside. This comic using real picture captured in daily life, mixed with comic creator in app store. Here you go. Enjoy the comic from the picture below and have nice read. This cat trying to climb the gate. What ever it takes way always never done. This noon the cat moving around area in the great wall of life. Cat so cute and make some kind of funny act what ever it takes. But sometimes ago cat never comeback in the front. While all thing can be done. This cat is very struggle in this area. What ever it takes sometimes cat bring the good thing to this life, such as catch the mouse out of the house. From the fence it self cat never moving around while lazy in the chair.

In this episode, cat give the funniest act ever. This comic represent the cat moving around house, speciall…

Martabak be Favourite One Food

Eat martabak and then your mouth will say more and more. Great taste of food and with origin taste will give you the best choice for dinner in Indonesia. There are lot of martabak seller around Indonesia. What ever the island, then there will be martabak seller. This kind of food made from crispy outside and little bit spicy inside if you want.

With onion leaf and cow meat will make the taste of this food melted in the mouth. Mouthwatering, of course. Not enough to buy one. It is delicious enough. Very delicious and make our mouth crunchy, crunchy and crunchy eating martabak. This is the best deal of food bring by the time. Of course if you want to buy just buy one portion. This realize and not fantasy.  Most people living Indonesia know this kind of food. Within eat as a snack or become first serve mixed with rice. Eat as a primary food combined with rice. Is a good deal to know the food around the world. Increase our knowledge in food experience. As time goes pass away. This food p…

Playing Mobile Legends Very Interesting

Playing game in computer or smart phone will make you fresh daily. Have you ever play Mobile Legends? This awesome game give you great effect of fun.

Lot of character inside. Which will give you lot of option to play great game. Every people have their own choice to get their hero and play the war of the game.

They have power, ability and other option which bring the great power time to play. Greater character will bring you victory. Not that all, you have to play as a team, backup each other and bring the victory for your team.

Get bonuses daily. If you play the game then you will get the bonus daily. If you win in the battle or even you loose in the battle you still get the precious bonus. Want to play Mobile Legends? Search it from google, download it from appstore for ios or google playstore for android. This interesting game will satisfy your eyes and your desired in gaming.

Have You Ever Taste Kwetiauw

Ever dream of eating kwetiauw? Or even people sometimes call itu with mitiaw / mi tiaw / mitiaw / mitiau or any kind of spelling that can be accepted in the living hood. With long noodle that different from other noodle. Kwetiaw will bring the greatest taste when enter the mouth. This long noodle will give us strenght and good stamina. With vegetabels will make this food well. Hungry? Then you have to taste this kind that make you happy and energy saver.

There is analogy of kwetiauw. Long lasting life and prosperity. Not enough for words, there is great position of food meaning. With nice rice, this portion of kwetiauw will be good served in plate. Great taste come from the kitchen. The greatest kitchen will produce this delicious food ever. Soiled and good cooked will give the best point of serving good food.  Where ever we are. This food, named kwetiauw will bring happiness around neighbourhood which waiting kwetiauw to be delivered. Kwetiauw nice taste and have good served with fr…

Thank you GOOGLE !

First of all, i would like to say thank you for the chance. At least it would be another chance to life. I hope so. :) GOOGLE is the best search engine ever in this world. It would be nice to know GOOGLE more. When i submit this blog to register in GOOGLE ADSENSE, then it will be reviewed by the people who work in the GOOGLE
This will be the first time to resurrection from the old way. I hope GOOGLE will approve it and get some "WOW" experience ever in this world. I would like to say thank you GOOGLE. GOOGLE. GOOGLE. GOOGLE. GOOGLE. First time in this Linux desktop searching for GOOGLE. When searching for the word "GOOGLE", it would appear such this picture below.
The Amazing of GOOGLE Search Engine
Never quit to say thank you GOOGLE for the chance that given. I will use this chance to be a good writer to write and share anything to this world. Very nice to have good attendance in good appropriate way to have something good motivation of havi…

Within a Few Days of Food

Yes. Here it is. Come again with foody time. Have you ever dreamed to test the tasty food? This kind of food will give good taste to your mouth. What food is that? That is Mixed Rice with a few of meat and a half of egg. This can be delicious food ever in this world. Smells good and make mouthwatering. Wondering if can taste it once more. More likely meat so crispy and a little bit sweet taste is strong in this food. Come and taste tasty food around your neighbourhood. Time goes away and you have to taste it more. Really a good taste of food and bring the greatest way to life to have eat and eat. Bring more kind of tasty food, such as this food in the picture above. What a good time to share more and more about tasty food. Foodie time ...

GAMBAS ~ Visual Basic in Linux

Have you ever dream making an application in Linux using Basic language with great interface? So, you should have to try GAMBAS which is can be run in Linux. Here is the appearance of GAMBAS running in LUBUNTU Linux. This would be great thing to know that Basic can be run in Linux.
Gambas running in Lubuntu
Wow, the interface of it is very user friendly and make the people not boring to writing or coding to build an application. About the window it self, it would bring the greatest way to make good application. Easy to use and make the programmer good way to give the best value of time, faster making application.
Gambas form window for programming
We hope that this will be a great deal to make an application. In future we need that GAMBAS could porting to all operating system. So, the application can be run in other operating system with simpliest instalation package. Want to know more about GAMBAS? Take a look of this link